Milli Egitim Koruma Dernegi Ilkokulu

Milli egitim koruma dernegi ilkokulu is located at the western part of Turkey, in the city of Denizli. Currently there are 40 teachers and 750 students working and learning in the school. It is a public school where the children of families with different economical and educational backgrounds but mostly the low income families come.



The age range of the students differs from 5 to 14 years old. The number of school enrolment derives from the neighbouring kindergarten, the relation between the institutions is very cooperative. The institution organizes project days with different topics and pupils play important role in these processes with experience-based activities. The school is very modern, classrooms are equipped with ICT devices.

The staff has determined the educational vision in a global sense and took being active and productive as the mission of the institution, for a long time it did not came the opportunity of participating in European Union projects. As the teachers and the school management observed the benefits and advantages of taking part in international projects, the institution strived to be involved in regional national and international projects.

This effort brought the results and the institution has been participated in several programmes. By taking part in these projects the students and the teachers have got a chance to study the European culture and realize the importance of learning foreign languages. Creation of an atmosphere for international friendship and cooperation is a significant factor of the school's life.