Gymnasieskolan vipan

Gymnasieskolan Vipan is located in the city of Lund in the region of Skåne in southern Sweden. Lund is characterized by his university and a concentration of high-tech companies. Schools in Lund are characterized by high performance in relation to the rest of Sweden, partially dependent on their parents' relatively high level of education. Our high school however has only vocational program and our students come from different villages and towns in southern Sweden, where parental background is significantly different from that of the students from Lund.



Gymnasieskolan Vipan is a secondary school with 1100 students spread over several vocational programs as: Building and civil engineering program, Business and Administration program, Health and care program, Electricity and Energy program, Child and recreation program, hotel and tourism program, Restaurant and Food program, HVAC and real estate program and a four-year program (Upper secondary school for individuals with learning disabilities, USSILD).

Our operational objectives are: Consolidate Formative Assessment for Learning, developing methods to motivate all students and Language Developmental practices. We use ICT technology as a resource to motivate our students and get them interested in school work. In order to achieve our objectives, we develop and evaluate continually innovative approaches, to secure enhancement of quality of teaching and relevance of learning, using a quality assurance system called Qualis. We have established collaboration with Lund University (Campus Helsingborg) for the development of the subject and general didactics, in which teachers from our school and PhD students are involved.

At our school, we strives internationalization and sustainability issues throughout the programs and have established contact with the corresponding schools in many European countries including Norway, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and France. Our teachers and principals feel the need to broaden their horizons through international collaboration.