Zespol Szkol nr 1 im. Jana Pawla II

Zespol Szkol nr1 in Władysławowo is one of the biggest schools in the region. It consists of three kinds of schools: Junior High School (students aged 13-16), and Vocational High School (students aged 16-20) with two departments: catering department and hotel department. Totally over 600 hundred students, and 100 of staff.



Our school is one of the best in our region for the vocational education. National final vocational exams place our school on the top of the schools ranking. Our organization provides alternative curriculum courses and activities to foster our students (including those with learning disabilities) with their future development. Lots of our students come from disadvantaged families. The school provides a wide range of full-time and part-time general and vocational courses and work-based learning programs.

We are involved in a number of cultural activities at school and region taking part in various cultural events and competitions promoting our regional traditions in Europe.Zespol Szkol nr 1 has been involved in EU granted programmes for over 10 years with partners from many EU countries as well as Turkey. Our involvemet in those programs and support from our head department as well as minicipality enabled us to create proffesional, very well organised and motivated team of teachers willing to work in the new EU Erasmus plus project.

We have participated in 2 Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project on of the was the project about creating European Glosarry for Vocational and it was praised as a Star Project in European Shared Treasure. Beside, we have successfully participated in 3 IVT projects sending over 120 students for placements abroad. Our last succeses is a grant we won last year for Eraspus plus KA1 action Students Mobility Project with a Turkish partner.