Plunges technologiju ir verslo mokykla

Plunges technology and business school was established in 1987. Celebrating the school 29th anniversary the 27th issue of pupils finishing school will receive not only the secondary school- leaving certificates but also vocational training diplomas. Since the beginning of school establishment more than 5700 pupils finished our school. The staff consists of 130 people: 82 general and vocational subjects teachers, the rest administrative and business executives.



Recently in 32 groups learn 733 students who have chosen such vocational curriculums: a machinery maintenance worker, a trimmer, a building business servicer, a rural tourism organizer, a cook, a waiter and waitress, an agricultural worker, a secretary, a car mechanic, a food industry worker.

In 2007 a secondary education curriculum was accredited and the school was given the right to have technological gymnasium department. The main aim of the school implementing secondary education curriculum is to create an attractive image of the gymnasium department improving the quality of teaching, trying to individualize and differentiate as well as to assess the lesson activities, and to educate creativity helping each student to achieve success.

The teaching process is being organized so as to reveal students` abilities. For this reason a great attention is paid to after school activities. Each year students can select any desirable activity out of numerous suggested clubs, which are run by professional teachers and leaders referring to students needs and abilities. There are 8 clubs such as the events organizer`s, a vocal band, a design, ball dances, table tennis, pop music band, basketball, folk dances.