Petzelt József Secondary and Vocational School

The school is located in Szentendre whish is the capital of the district of Szentendre in the county of Pest. Visitors always get fascinated with its art and culture. Many visitors never get beyond it. Szentendre is situated in the gate of Dunakanyar in a beautiful natural environment opposite the island of Szentendre encountering the Stone Mountain and the River Danube. It is a very popular outing and tourist destination about 11 km from the north of Budapest. It can easily be approached by suburban train, car and there are frequent pleasure cruises.

Inclusive pedagogy


One of our top priorities is to raise the living standards of our Romani students by giving them marketable qualifications for the advancement of a skilled Romani workforce.

We are the sole institution in our neighbourhood where students with bad marks are also admitted and can get a chance of becoming decent and skilled workers.